How to do Meditation ?


Today’s human life is busiest life. They are engaged in thinking for useful work or for unusual work. So the mind not get proper rest in time, then human body and mind gets irritated and faces many neuro problems. Human body and mind want proper rest and freshness to work again with a time. Meditation is a custom or practice that centralize our mind or give mindfulness. It requires for everyone in every day life to give some time for meditation and get fresh and get healthy life.

We are writing some easy steps that will help you to do meditation and feel relax with mind.

how to do meditation


  1. First of all you understand the value of meditation that we get in our heritage.
  2. When you wake-up in morning you want to getting fresh so do some body exercise.
  3. You sit or lie a plain place where you feel comfortable.
  4. Close your eyes and take long breathe in and out some time with relax mind.
  5. With the breathing activities you give attention on your breathe.
  6. when you take inside air you hold it for a time which feel comfort.
  7. Centralized your mind with movement of air in your body.
  8. If you want use ‘mantra’  ‘Ohm’ pronounce with breathing.
  9. You can do it twice a day minimum 8 minutes.
  10. When do with proper manner finally you getting relax and free mind.