How to link voter id with Aadhar ?


The Election commission says that the process of linking the Aadhaar with voter id will help to detect the registration of a voter in more than one constituency or more than once in same constituency. The government pass the Election laws (Amendment) bill 2021 to linkĀ  electoral data with the Aadhaar ecosystem. But the poll panel has not made it mandatory.

how to link voter id with aadhar card online

If you want to link the voter id with your Aadhaar, follow the following steps to done:-

  1. First you collect the required document to complete the linking process.
  2. The required document is voter id card, Aadhaar card and registered mobile number/Email id.
  3. There are many process to link the voter id with Aadhaar card:- (a) Online through NVSP portal (b) Via SMSĀ  (c) Through your mobile (d) Through booth level-officers.

(a) Link your Aadhaar with voter id online through NVSP portal:-

You can link your Aadhaar with voter id online through NVSP portal easily with the help following given steps:

  1. First search and find the portal of NVSP in search engine like google.
  2. Now find and click on the NVSP portal
  3. Open the home page of NVSP portal.
  4. Find and check the “Search in Electoral roll” option and click or press on.
  5. After click or press “Search in Electoral roll” option, a new page will open with many such details like:-Name, D.O.B, State etc.
  6. Then fill the required information find and see the “Search” option bottom right side.
  7. Click or press on the “Search” option.
  8. If the information you need to fill correct data that will match to the Election commission information and your data will be open.
  9. Then you can find and see the “Feed Aadhaar number” option at the left of the interface.
  10. You have to press or click on the option a pop-up window open. Now fill the required information like name, Aadhaar number, registered mobile/email and your voter ID.
  11. After filling this information you will find and see the option “submit”. Press or click on the submit.
  12. After clicking you will get a SMS that your voter id is linked with Aadhaar successfully.

(b) Link your Aadhaar with voter id via SMS:-

You can also link the voter id with Aadhaar number with the help of EPIC number, for this purpose please follow the following easy steps:

  1. Frist take a mobile phone and go to your massage box.
  2. Then you have to type the ECILINKEPIC number<space>Aadhaar number and then send to 166 or 51969.
  3. After sending this a notification will be received in your phone.

(c) Link your Aadhaar with voter id with the help of mobile:-

you can also link it with the help of mobile phone by following easy steps:

  1. First you take our mobile phone.
  2. Now you have to call the helpline number 1950 between the time 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

(d) Link your Aadhaar with voter id with the help of Booth level officers:-

you can also link it with the help of booth level officers. You can submit the information to Booth level officers. After checking and verifying your information they will update in your database.

If you want to check your status, you can go the NVSP portal and check it easily, and even on UIDAI website also.

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