How to Write a How To Article That Gets Attention


An article is a medium of communication by the writer to it’s audience. Writer may choose it’s audience by choosing the specific topic which will relate to it’s reader. The articles’ main purpose and title should be pre-defined to get the best of it. Some content writer may write the content to fill the page but the actual meaning of article should be understandable.

In this article we will understand how to write a how to article that will get attention to it’s audience effectively.

What is an article?

An article is a display of information that portrays the imagination and written communication of writer for their readers. The writer writes the content by keeping it’s target audience in mind.

The writers main motto of writing the article should include bellow points.

  • To give clear understanding of the topic.
  • Influence the audience through opinions.
  • Drive the readers to a conclusion.

How to write a how to article tips and guide

We recommend these points for how to write article that will engage your target audience.

  • Choose a Passionate topic to write about.
  • Select an attractive and precise title
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Research your target audience
  • Keep it simple and Original
  • Keep a how to article topic FAQ
  • Use of info graphics

Choose a Passionate topic to write about.

Always start with a topic which suits your thought and passion, later on move to other topics also. First write the content according to your knowledge, experience and idea. Find the correct meaning and explanation for your how to article topic. When writing an article which explains how to content then it should be specific and correct.

Select an attractive and precise title

Title is the main coverage for your how to article. If you check how to here article title you will notice that how we have used the how to article for our web page. An article title attracts the user’s attention to read it, so be smart enough to do so.

Identify Your Audience

It’s better to do research and find your audience for best engagement for your article. An article content may vary according to it’s target audience. Just think how a particular age group or particular niche audience will read to your article if it doesn’t suits their interest and passion.

Research your target audience

After identifying your audience the second step is to research on it for better result. The research on your target audience means to know about their interest and passion for the topic. Then you can convey the same by keeping your target audience in mind.

Keep it simple and Original

How to write an article should be very simple and realistic. Always try to write original content, it makes you unique among your competitors. Be specific and selective in your words. Do not try to copy and paste from the web just to get result.

Keep a how to article topic FAQ

It is always right tactics to keep a FAQ section for writing an how to article It gives an clear and enough understanding to your audience as well as search engines like Google, Bing etc. If your article is clearly conveying the message which you want to display to your audience then your FAQ will be final step towards to it.

Use of info graphics

Sometimes may be your audience doesn’t understand your way of writing then the use of information based graphics will say the rest. Some people doesn’t want to read complete how-to article but if you provide some image/graphics based content then definitely it will be a plus for you and your audience also.

If you follow all these steps you need to review your article and get reviewed by others as well for better result. After all your are writing this for better engaging article post.

Apply this to your how to article and check the amazing response from your audience.

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